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front page rivalry: pros vs. citizen journalists

27 februarie 2007

[…] Denmark, where free daily newspaper Nyhedsavisen is merging citizen journalism with its traditional counterpart. Bloggers and other citizen journalists have access to‘s homepage, where their stories are published alongside articles written by the newspaper’s editorial staff. Pros and amateurs compete for top positions in the ‘most read’ and ‘most debated’ sections. To contribute, […]

Netoo 2.0

30 ianuarie 2007

Tocmai am numarat persoanele care au aderat la Netoo. Sunt peste 70 de bloggeri si non-bloggeri care au solicitat sa participe la intalnirile lunare ale Netoo. Participarea per editie a crescut de la 20 (Editia I) la 40 de persoane (Editia V). Iar solicitarile continua sa apara. Inainte de Netoo #5 chiar am avut un […]

A Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

27 ianuarie 2007

Some bloggers recently have been debating what, if any, ethics the Weblog community should follow. Since not all bloggers are journalists and the Weblog form is more casual, they argue they shouldn’t be expected to follow the same ethics codes journalists are. But responsible bloggers should recognize that they are publishing words publicly, and therefore […]