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front page rivalry: pros vs. citizen journalists

27 februarie 2007

[…] Denmark, where free daily newspaper Nyhedsavisen is merging citizen journalism with its traditional counterpart. Bloggers and other citizen journalists have access to‘s homepage, where their stories are published alongside articles written by the newspaper’s editorial staff. Pros and amateurs compete for top positions in the ‘most read’ and ‘most debated’ sections. To contribute, […]

How much do bloggers make?

23 februarie 2007

NBC asked the top 130 New York bloggers how much they made from their sites. The results are revealing: 17% – over $1,000/month 14% – $200-500/month 4% – $100/month 14% – less that $100/month 51% – NOTHING Guy Kawasaki, a top 100 blogger, reckons he earned $3,350 in his first year from Google ads; although […]

Blogging vs journalism

9 februarie 2007

Is blogging a valid form of journalism? For some reason, many journalists and journalism students are still asking questions framed around the assumption that “bloggers” and “journalists” are mutually exclusive species. They also seem to assume that “journalists” are defined as people who work in “mainstream media”. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Blogs are […]