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Jeff Jarvis: publish first and edit later

„Blogs are first and foremost a conversation, people talking,” said Jeff Jarvis, a journalist-turned-blogger who created a forum called BuzzMachine.

Blogs, he said, have a „different biorhythm” where postings that are initially inaccurate or unfair are corrected online through readers comments and updated blog entries. „This is a world,” he said, „where you publish first and edit later.”

Graphic: Blogging Without Journalistic Standards

Although a third of bloggers identify themselves as journalists, a recent survey by the Pew Center showed the majority of bloggers don’t abide by some common journalistic practices.

Blogging Without Journalistic Standards

SOURCE: Pew Internet & American Life Project Blogger Callback Survey | The Washington Post – January 11, 2007

Mirona Iliescu, Via


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