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Arhivă pentru ianuarie 2007

Netoo 2.0

30 ianuarie 2007

Tocmai am numarat persoanele care au aderat la Netoo. Sunt peste 70 de bloggeri si non-bloggeri care au solicitat sa participe la intalnirile lunare ale Netoo. Participarea per editie a crescut de la 20 (Editia I) la 40 de persoane (Editia V). Iar solicitarile continua sa apara. Inainte de Netoo #5 chiar am avut un […]

Jeff Jarvis: publish first and edit later

29 ianuarie 2007

„Blogs are first and foremost a conversation, people talking,” said Jeff Jarvis, a journalist-turned-blogger who created a forum called BuzzMachine. Blogs, he said, have a „different biorhythm” where postings that are initially inaccurate or unfair are corrected online through readers comments and updated blog entries. „This is a world,” he said, „where you publish first […]

Top 100 blogger Subpoened Over Comments In Blog

28 ianuarie 2007

Jeremy Schoemaker, a Technorati top 100 blogger, has been subpoened in a slander case. Schoemaker, who runs the blog, is not the person being accused of slander, but someone who left a comment on his site is. (via) – Cristi Manafu