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Blog survey la canadieni

Rezultatele celui mai recent studiu din Canada (via Brendan Hodgson) au fost facute publice pe 24 octombrie a.c. Din comunicatul de presa:

„The new Environics survey revealed that one third (32%) of all Canadians who are online are active social media participants, meaning they have read blogs in the past three months. British Columbia is the most active blog market, with 42 per cent reading blogs, while the Quebec market is underdeveloped, at 28 per cent. [..] While only seven per cent say they have written their own blogs and nine percent have posted to others’ blogs, the proportion of those who partake in either activity is 12 per cent. This indicates that for about two-thirds of the Canadian blogging community, blogging is a two-way street that is poised to grow even more as an outlet of consumer connectivity.”

Mirona Iliescu


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