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Arhivă pentru noiembrie 2006

La serviciu: blog, e-mail, IM survey la americani

30 noiembrie 2006

According to the AMA/ePolicy Institute Survey, 8% of organizations operate business blogs. In spite of the risks, only 9% have policy governing the operation of personal blogs on company time; 7% have policy governing employees’ business blog use and content; 7% have rules governing the content employees may post on their personal home-based blogs; 6% […]

Blog survey la indieni

29 noiembrie 2006

Indians seem comfortable rather penning their thoughts on hardbound diaries than making entries online. Here are some results from ‘Blogging India: A MSN and Windows Live Report’ released on Monday [Nov 27th]. 1) Of all the people who surf the internet in India, only 39% were aware of blogs 2) Only 14% of all netizens […]

Netoo #3, the aftermath

29 noiembrie 2006

Au scris pe această temă: Andrei – Netoo 3, pe larg Florin – Netoo 3 Zuza – My first Netoo Manafu – A trecut si editia 3 Zoso – Netoo #3 Piticu – Netoo3, poze NetBoy – #1 for me Stilxxi – Ceva poze de la netoo Tree – Tools and tips Blogoree – Netoo3, […]